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All good things must come to an end, and Larica has decided to discontinue their musical adventure while still being and feeling ahead. We owe a great, big, enormous thanks to all of you who has followed us through our years of musical exploits – nothing would have been the same without the always mind blowing audience support we have had. From the deepest, most sincere corners of our hearts: THANK YOU!

Larica was a Copenhagen-based offbeat orchestra, deftly dedicated to creating explosive live performances with an experimental approach to the contagious rhythm of ska.

The music of Larica emanated from a global outlook where genres from around the world were mixed with an unmistakable Nordic style. Larica was the place where hot rhythms of the Caribbean clashed with the cool Scandinavian sound in sparkling auditive explosions. Although departing primarily in 3rd-wave ska the eight-piece orchestra drew on inspiration from styles as different as disco, swing, techno and gypsy, always making a point of exploring the boundaries of what musical genres can hold.

Drawing on the diverse array of creative talent within the band Larica has always had a strong DIY mentality, essentially mixing and producing their own records as well as making their own music videos. In this spirit the musicians of Larica continues as members of the musical collective Tesla Music which are known for delivering complete live experiences in tight collaboration with the other acts associated with the organization, both in terms of musical style, visual appearance and ambiance of the venue.

Despite their dedication to revolutionizing the way a band operates within the changing landscape of the music industry it was on stage they really shone. On 100+ occasions Larica proved their status as a wildly entertaining live act with a fierce energy, seducing crowds to move their bodies as freely as the music.




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